operational development

The Anti Entropy Operational Development programs help you discover your organization and team's challenges and provide the best course of action, resources, and tools to get you operating to your maximum potential.

Schedule a free consultation call with our team - we can determine what route is best for you and how we can achieve your goals most efficiently. Your organization's effectiveness and impact will scale when your team is in-sync and focused on their core responsibilities.

There are three immediate impacts of operational development services:

  1. Continual growth for your ops team through a resource based community.

  2. Accountability and leadership to keep ops team on track and aligned.

  3. Quicker diagnosis of problems with strategic planning and implementation.

Developmental Coaching

Solution-oriented coaching for specific organizational challenges. We take a deep-dive into your organization to determine the friction points and challenges, and then provide the support and resources to remove them.

  • 1 hour meeting (monthly or bi-weekly)

  • Best for: founders and operational staff with a specific operational need

  • What you receive: experienced guidance and solutions to grow your organization

Monthly Investment = $325 for 1 session per month

Monthly Investment = $600 for 2 sessions per month

*3 month minimum

Community Development Group

A community of EA organizations for continual growth and support. Share resources, bridge gaps, and receive support from EA organizations at similar milestones, while learning from more experienced veterans in a workshop style environment with hands-on application.

  • 2 hour monthly workshop

  • Best for: founders and operational staff wanting to upscale through continual development

  • What you receive: a supportive community, skill development, and a stronger organization

For more information on this program download our Operations Fellowship PDF

Our Process

Stop wasting time learning about project management software, developing procedures, and writing up staff policy. Your impact is proportional to your effective efforts; put your time into where you are most effective and let us develop your operational foundation.

1. Identify a Need. Set a time to discuss organizational needs, bottlenecks, or issues that are causing you to be less impactful than you should be.

2. Find a Solution. Our first meeting is to discuss the need(s) and how Anti Entropy can help solve the problem. Part of this discussion is establishing a budget and timeline. Once expectations and goals are established, we set the plan and go to work.

3. Feel Confident and Focused. Know your organization's operations are running smoothly so you can focus on what makes the most significant impact.