Effective Giving

Streamlining Grant Management through a Project Management System and a Custom CRM

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Effective Giving aims to help major donors find and fund the most promising solutions to the world's most pressing problems. As an independent nonprofit organization, they utilize science and evidence-based processes to guide donors to make the biggest impact with their charitable donations.

Website: https://www.effectivegiving.org/


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Due to the sheer number of charities that Effective Giving covers and conducts research on a streamlined workflow with automated documentation and record keeping was desperately needed but lacking for their team. The EG team lacked a central place for record keeping and key information to ensure everyone was updated and moving forward. The team also needed a system to keep track of their grants, what phase they were in, and next steps without having to manually input or communicate each step to each team member.

How did we succeed?

Anti Entropy tackled the challenge with two systems that integrated and automated for more efficient workflow and team communication. To help with grantee organization, the team chose a custom build of Asana and HubSpot. Asana, as a project management tool, enabled automation of tasks in the grant workflow. HubSpot provided a way to keep a clear and smooth audit trail. When a project is added to HubSpot, it is recorded in Asana as well. The two systems work together and record seamlessly. Each platform is easily accessible with a click of a link in both tools. HubSpot also serves as a repository of all the communications involved in each stage of the project, including phone logs and emails. The Effective Giving team has experienced a more efficient workflow and communication between team members, saving time and money, allowing for more energy spent on what matters most - making an impact!