a mission to create a strong and lasting EA ops community

The mission of Anti Entropy is for all organizations in the Effective Altruism community to have strong and functional operations so they can be as efficient and effective as possible in having a meaningful impact on the potential of mankind.

We strive to support the operational foundation and infrastructure of Effective Altruism to increase the community's efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability. We aim to achieve this by strengthening the depth of resources in the Effective Altruism operations community.

  • Direct support for growing EA organizations.

  • CRM and project management software implementation and optimization

  • Strategy, OKRs, KPIs, Milestones, and Growth Plans

  • Financial controls, budgeting, and forecasting

A vetted knowledge base with EA resources to save time and money.

  • Compliance Guidance

  • How to Guides (Visas, Contractors, Grants)

  • Handbook Policies

  • How to Start a Nonprofit

Client Testimonials

Our Process

Stop wasting time learning about project management software, developing procedures, and writing up staff policy. Your impact is proportional to your effective efforts; put your time into where you are most effective and let us develop your operational foundation.

1. Identify a Need. Set a time to discuss organizational needs, bottlenecks, or issues that are causing you to be less impactful than you should be.

2. Find a Solution. Our first meeting is to discuss the need(s) and how Anti Entropy can help solve the problem. Part of this discussion is establishing a budget and timeline. Once expectations and goals are established, we set the plan and go to work.

3. Feel Confident, and Focused. Know your organization's operations are running smoothly so you can focus on what makes the most significant impact.