Something Witty Will Go Here When I Think of Something, For Now You Get This Sentence

Our Mission: For all organizations in the Effective Altruism community to have strong and functional operations so they can be as efficient and effective as possible in having a meaningful impact on the potential of humankind.

Generous Fiscal Support From Amazingly Wonderful Organizations

Anti Entropy's organizational launch was supported by a grant from the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. The fund supported the organization's launch in February 2022.

Technical Stuff

Anti Entropy is a registered 501(c)3 an Exempt Organization in the USA (Anti Entropy, EIN 88-0967420).

How All This Started

As a child, Jeffrey Poche was sold dreams of flying cars, sarcastic robot maids, and paranoid androids. None of this having come to fruition, Jeffrey somewhat randomly found his way into an operations role where he could put his English Literature degree to good use.

One day while walking through a field, Jeffrey was listening to a podcast from the folks at 80,000 Hours. At the beginning of each episode, they ask the guest, "what are you working on, and why do you think it is important?" And Jeffrey had an epiphany, “what if someone were to ask me that?” He realized his answer would be pretty lame. So he decided to make a change. Over the next year and a half, he transitioned into using his operations skills, knowledge, and passion toward helping organizations in the Effective Altruism community. Through the course of that year and a half Anti Entropy was born.

Note: He was also promised genetic engineering would bring back the woolly mammoth, which made Jeffrey very excited at the prospect of fulfilling a lifelong dream of yelling at a woolly mammoth to get off of his lawn. And yet, no woolly mammoth.

The field next to the field where Jeffrey had his "what if someone were to ask me that?" epiphany.