operational consulting

Anti Entropy consulting services focus on providing direct operations assistance to EA organizations that are tackling large or unique projects.

There are three immediate impacts of the consulting services:

  1. Free up the organization’s team members to focus on their core impact and responsibilities.

  2. Help organizations tackle large or complex projects, saving organizational bandwidth and time spent on unfamiliar tasks.

  3. Allow organizations to scale up with the least amount of friction and the most effectiveness.

Operations Process Development

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Guidelines

Anti Entropy helps create standard operating procedures for the team that are easy to find, reference, and user-friendly. Including a process to keep track of the valid processes and procedures and keeping them up to date.

  • Document current process for current employees and training of future employees

  • Identify the bottlenecks the organization could or does face, including establishing missing SOPs or restructuring ineffective procedures.

  • Determine the best management tools and software for your organization to ensure efficient communication and workflow. Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, MS TeamsAn integral

Defining Organizational Roles

Defining each team member's role ensures everyone has proper expectations and no holes or misunderstandings in the workflows.

  • Creation of an organizational chart

  • Develop or reworking of job descriptions

  • Establish or refine HR workflow and hiring process

Operations Software and Resources

This service is for all organizations asking: Where do I find a template contract? Is it worth paying for software? Is the team using the correct tool? Do we have enough tools? Do we have too many?

We navigate the team through the multitude of available tools, assisting in choosing the best fit, getting them set up and appropriately structured, and assisting with transition or uploading data.

  • Template resources for various organization needs: policy templates, contract templates, GDPR guides, compliance checklists, etc.

  • Development of resources tools such as CRM, project management software, Holiday/Vacation tracking, approval, etc.

  • Consolidation of current tools and processes; taking the scattered spreadsheets, tools, and software and combining them into a manageable strategy.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Anti Entropy assists in the development of strategy, future planning, and scalability. The focus is often on future planning, KPI tracking, and scalability.

  • We assist with organizational direction, restructuring to scale up, mission focusing, or culture shifting.

  • Anti Entropy can also assist with networking and connecting the organization with critical resources.

This process is often primarily based on developing a One, Two, and Five-Year Plan. The development of the One, Two, and Five-Year plan establishes the trajectory of the organization, a way to track and measure the organization's success, and the development of the short-term goals needed to achieve the long-term goals.

Governance and Compliance

Anti Entropy helps ensure your organization has procedures and tools in place to be compliance with required rules and regulations.

  • Anti Entropy has developed checklists to verify compliance with a variety of governing bodies.

  • We work with your legal and financial counsel or help find counsel who can help create checklists and review processes to ensure that your organization is and stays compliant with the rules and regulations of your entity type.

  • We implement and develop tools to help your organization track and maintain any needed governance records or documentation.

Financial Controls

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Anti Entropy assists in building budgets and implementing budgeting tools.

  • We assist teams in creating financial forecasts, including grant tracking spend-down forecasting.

  • Anti Entropy assists with accounting workflows, automation, and internal checks of accounting tasks.

  • We structure internal financial controls and build proper checks and controls.

Human Resources Procedures and Structure

The building of Human Resources procedures and structure includes the development of various employment policies and procedures.

Staff Policy Handbook Development

Anti Entropy has built standardized policy guides and handbooks that fit the needs of most organizations. Laws or industry regulations have standardized 90% of an organization's policy guidelines. But, the last 10% is where the critical and challenging work happens. This final 10% is where the organization's structure and the team's culture are established.

Hiring and Onboarding Procedures and Structure

Anti Entropy's hiring processes aim to find competent and talented people who fit the team, reduce the workload on the staff doing the hiring, reduce turnovers, and facilitate a smooth and efficient start for the new team member. We assist teams with;

  • Creation of new-hire onboarding processes, checklists, and workflow.

  • Development of the first day and the first week plans to ensure an effective transition to the team, including setting clear expectations and milestones to ensure long-term success.

  • Development of a “New Employee/Staff Guide” to give the new hires one resource with all the information and resources they will need for their first day, week, and month.

Our Process

Stop wasting time learning about project management software, developing procedures, and writing up staff policy. Your impact is proportional to your effective efforts; put your time into where you are most effective and let us develop your operational foundation.

1. Identify a Need. Set a time to discuss organizational needs, bottlenecks, or issues that are causing you to be less impactful than you should be.

2. Find a Solution. Our first meeting is to discuss the need(s) and how Anti Entropy can help solve the problem. Part of this discussion is establishing a budget and timeline. Once expectations and goals are established, we set the plan and go to work.

3. Feel Confident and Focused. Know your organization's operations are running smoothly so you can focus on what makes the most significant impact.