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The Anti Entropy Resource Portal is a project to gather and build resources for the operations side of running an Effective Altruism organization.

Please note that the Anti Entropy Resource Portal is in Beta. The content may not be complete and may periodically change. 

Below are our most read and asked about topics. 

How to Start a Nonprofit

Starting your nonprofit is an exciting milestone, but it is not always a smooth process. There are often various hoops to jump through and governmental requirements to manage. We’ve created some simple guides and checklists to help streamline the process for you and give you a solid starting point. While our resources are not exhaustive of every region or country, and you should do your diligence to ensure you are following your region’s laws and requirements, these resources will help you save time and point you in the right direction. 

Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors have many benefits to the hiring organization and individual, but there are certain restrictions and specific ways to operate as an independent contractor. First, the contractor needs to ensure they are operating as an independent contractor; most countries are very specific in classifying these types of workers. Second, the organization employing the contractor needs to understand its legal requirements and remain compliant while mitigating risk to both parties. 

Review our articles on independent contractors and check your region's laws for contractor requirements and setup. 


Whether you have received grant funds or are about to receive grant funds, understanding the relationship between the grantor and grantee, as well as what is taxable and what is not, is key to proper fund management. In general, unless the grantee (person or organization receiving the grant) is a public charity organization, grant funds are considered regular income or revenue for the grantee. Therefore, these types of grants (regarded as wages) will follow the typical income tax rates you have been paying as an individual.

Content Disclaimer

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Translation: At Anti Entropy, we do our best to vet and update the portal content and know that the use of any resources from the portal is at your own risk.